CSR & Sustainability

Practices, Actions and Future Plans

Orphee Beinoglou S.A., intending to actively contribute to reducing the negative consequences of its business operations, invests in sustainable development initiatives, focused on:

  • - Our Environment
  • - Our Society
  • - Our People
  • - The Market (Customers & Suppliers)

While operating with International Standards, Orphee Beinoglou has developed a 3-yr Sustainability Plan, that includes a variety of measures committed to offset our CO2 emissions, such as:

  • - Regular training sessions focusing on raising environmental awareness of our people
  • - Voluntary activities (tree-planting, coast lines cleaning, etc.)
  • - Renewal / upgrading of the equipment used in our business operations to eco-friendly equipment, etc.

In the context of measuring our environmental & energy management performance, we monitor a series of relevant KPIs, such as:

  • - Energy consumption
  • - Fuel consumption
  • - Water consumption
  • - Packing materials consumption
  • - CO2 emissions
  • - Waste recycling

Orphee Beinoglou S.A. is an equal opportunity employer, providing a safe working environment for our staff and respecting all applicable laws and regulations.

We are committed to performing business in a legal, ethical and professional manner, operating with honestyintegrity and transparency.

We support the local community by participating in various charitable activities such as donations, sponsorships, free services etc.