Rail freight

Railway is in many cases the most convenient way to transport goods as it’s the most environment friendly as well as cost-effective.

The arrival of products to the final destination is affected by:

Intermodal transport: (truck-wagon-truck):
Our partner trucks abroad undertake the collection of the goods and forward them to the hub of Sopron (Austro-Hungarian borders).
There, for safety reasons, photos of the shipment are taken while unloading of the truck and loading of the wagon. The train departs to Greece on the same day.

Block trains (import –export):
There are daily departures from Central Europe and the Balkans with destination Greece , Skopje, Bulgaria and Turkey transporting palletized and bulk goods such as cereal, sugar, corn, flour, starch, plastic goods, rubber, timber, paper, ceramic, iron, steel, aluminum, agricultural machinery, household appliances, bicycles, vehicles etc. loaded on appropriate wagons.

Special Transport:
We are specialized in military transport, as well as steel goods in various shapes and dimension, bulky machinery that due to oversize and/or overweight need special transportation permits.

Daily follow up of trains/wagons, and briefings to clients about the status of their consignments.
Loading/Offloading of the shipments at the Thriassio station is provided by our own means and with trained personnel lowering the cost to the minimum.